Stand By Me – Playing For Change 10 year celebration

Time goes on and the music keeps playing. It was now 10 years since the song Stand by me performed by none other than our favorite Clarence Bekker together with a lot of other people. A song that really put Playing for change on the map.

10 years have gone by since the video was uploaded onto Youtube. It just passed 127m views and the Playing for change Youtube-channel just hit 1.4m subscribers and a total views of almost 700m(692m) across all videos.

Where it all started

Playing for change first met Clarence in Barcelona, Spain 10 years ago.

After asking around town who the best soul singer was all fingers was pointing at Clarence. He then joined Playing for change in creating their very first song around the world. Especially by contributing his beutiful voice to the second verse of it.

Clarence has since then toured the world together with the other memebers of the PFC Band touching peoples heart with his soulful voice.

Fast forward 10 years

This surely is something to celebrate and what better way to do it then to help support the change and to record another video right where it all started.

10 years have passed and his voie is more powerful than ever.

Here it is, Clarence Milton Bekker performing the song, stand by me 10 years after it was first recorded around the world with a handful of the worlds most talented street musicians.

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