Stand By Me – Playing For Change 10 year celebration

Time goes on and the music keeps playing. It was now 10 years since the song Stand by me performed by none other than our favorite Clarence Bekker together with a lot of other people. A song that really put Playing for change on the map.

10 years have gone by since the video was uploaded onto Youtube. It just passed 127m views and the Playing for change Youtube-channel just hit 1.4m subscribers and a total views of almost 700m(692m) across all videos.

Where it all started

Playing for change first met Clarence in Barcelona, Spain 10 years ago.

After asking around town who the best soul singer was all fingers was pointing at Clarence. He then joined Playing for change in creating their very first song around the world. Especially by contributing his beutiful voice to the second verse of it.

Clarence has since then toured the world together with the other memebers of the PFC Band touching peoples heart with his soulful voice.

Fast forward 10 years

This surely is something to celebrate and what better way to do it then to help support the change and to record another video right where it all started.

10 years have passed and his voie is more powerful than ever.

Here it is, Clarence Milton Bekker performing the song, stand by me 10 years after it was first recorded around the world with a handful of the worlds most talented street musicians.

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Clarence wants a hoverboard for Christmas

So a while back before our database crashed we wrote about Clarens new Christmas wish that he posted about on Facebook, you can see the video underneath the article.Yes, that is correct, Clarence Christmas wish was a flying hoverboard. It’s a really cool machine I give you that, but come on Clarens aren’t those flying things a bit too dangerous? They are powered by jet motors and created by the only man known to fly one yet, Frank Zapata. Not only do they look really dangerous, they are also very expensive. You can check out the video that Clarence Bekker referred to below.

Get a normal hoverboard Clarence

A great musician should be careful with his life. Get a normal hoverboard like the kids use and save yourself and us the heartbreak of you crashing into something else than water.

The hoverboard was also said to be very dangerous at first. There was news everywhere it seemed about them catching fire, and even then you could still see kids riding around on them everywhere. Luckily for us parents, that have now changed and there are UL Certified hoverboards which are said not to catch fire. But one still wonders how many accidents those things might have caused already. Just think about it. If that those were fire hazardous and dangerous, what do you think the flyboard is?

So whats the difference?

The first difference is that one is called a hoverboard but rides on wheels and the other one is called a flyboard and actually flies. You would have thought that not to name a product with wheels hoverboard, kind of a misleading marketing strategy. The disappointment of someone getting it in the mail opens it up and sees something on wheels when they wanted to fly. Zapata and his team have at least named their product gracefully to flyboard. And the product is true to its name, it actually flies up to 10,000 feet, can be used for 10 minutes consecutively. Which is pretty spectacular. The hoverboard, on the other hand seems like a decent alternative. Budget friendly, decent operating range and a moderate speed. At least if you compare it to the flyboard which has a maximum speed of around 96mph.

Here comes Clarence Superman Bekker

Luckily we’ve had no updates from Clarence on wheater or not he’ll be getting his hands on one soon. According to the latest news flyboard are still awaiting the government’s approval before launching any sales and I can see it having some restrictions when in some cities drones aren’t even allowed to be flown.

Why this urge to feel like Superman?

Probably because we’ve always, deep inside, wanted to fly like a bird in the sky. Let our wings take us wherever we want to go… as long as you can stop for a refill every 10 minutes. But with 96mph you’ll get pretty far in 10 minutes, especially since you wouldn’t have to follow any road. So you can explore about 8 miles away from you before you have to head back home for a refill. Probably not the most exciting thing, but think about the backflips you will be performing and the lives you will be saving. I can see a whole new extreme sport being born as soon as this product has gotten its approval from the government.

As an ending I want to urge you not to pursue your dream of flight just yet Clarence, make sure these things don’t have any stuff that will break mid-flight. How devastating wouldn’t that be.