About clarence

Clarence was born on May 15, 1975, in Heerenveen, He moved to the Frisian village of Hallum. At the age of four Clarence showed his fantasy for music when He got his first drum. He might be a mascot at the local band. In the early age, he gave two concerts. But he wanted the grow more in the world of music. Then he took part in playback shows of Michel Jackson. Clarence was inspired by his sister, her solo career Began with sound mix show and talent end. Clarance was five years in the military.

” There’s hope again for Clarence ”

In 2008, the former resident of Steenwijk, Clarence van der Schaaf; his summer hit ‘Holiday’ charged. “Unfortunately this single song did not make it. But now he scores with two new cover songs.

There was a difficult period for Clarence after his vocation. He underwent major back surgery. He lost his job. At that time he sold his house. And later – “Then you fall into a black hole, and you’re at the mercy of fate.” Clarence lived in Steenwijk 16 years and moved in 2009 to Zeist. But there is a glimmer of hope for Clarence. The 39-year-old did not give up. “Giving up is not in my dictionary.” Through his will, his faith in himself, there are other people to believe in him.


Later he owned the stage; He gave two songs which can be downloaded at iTunes, SBS 6, Spotify, Veronica, and Net5. Some of his songs such as your man, duet with Naomi Gael reached the number 1 downloaded songs.

The singles are at Orange TV just arrived at number 1 and had Reached the first place in the parade request. These songs were heard among 41 countries. It was a great victory for him. “The beginning of August” composed by him is about the observance of his dreams.


“Do not let anyone tell you That you can not do something. Belief in yourself is the Most Important Thing, and That has dragged me through the Difficult time. I hope with this number to reach which are at the same point, or have been and draw strength from this many people.” – Says Clarence.

Career results:

Four songs were officially released. At o.a: Itunes, Spotify, SBS6, Net 5, Count downloads, Mega-media magazine, Deezer.
* With three songs in the top 1000 Orange TV.
* 6 days at # 1 on the Top 10 downloads He’ll have to go.
* 40 days at # 1 on the Top 10 downloads White Christmas.
* 5 days at # 1 at the requested parade Orange TV.

Nominated in Nashville, U.S.A. Category World Artist / Song of the Year 2016 category Country Album of the Year 2016 Country Album Coolpix, the Josie Music Awards.